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unknown systems5.6.1 Miscellaneous config File Commands
UUCP protocol6.5 UUCP Protocol
UUCP protocol E command6.5.2.4 The E Command
UUCP protocol H command6.5.2.5 The H Command
UUCP protocol R command6.5.2.2 The R Command
UUCP protocol S command6.5.2.1 The S Command
UUCP protocol X command6.5.2.3 The X Command
UUCP system name5.6.1 Miscellaneous config File Commands
uucppublic5.6.1 Miscellaneous config File Commands

`v' protocol6.17 UUCP `v' Protocol

`x' protocol6.13 UUCP `x' Protocol
X UUCP protocol command6.5.2.3 The X Command
`X.*' file format6.4 Execution File Format

`y' protocol6.14 UUCP `y' Protocol

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